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High-rise buildings

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Blue Crane Capital provides greater clarity and understanding throughout the loan application process whilst seeking the most beneficial financing solutions for our clients.

Apartments with gardens
Childcare Construction
Type of loan: Commercial Investment
Lender: 2nd Tier Bank
Loan Amount: $3,400,000
LVR: 68%
Rate: 5.18%p.a.
High-rise apartments
Residential Block purchase ‘in-one-line’
Type of loan: Commercial investment Lender: 2nd Tier lender
Loan Amount: $6,500,000
LVR: 65%
Rate: 5.15%p.a.
Modern house
Luxury Residential purchase
Type of loan: Home Loan Lender: Major Bank Loan Amount: $4,750,000
LVR: 80%
Rate: 3.79%p.a.

Welcome to 
Blue Crane Capital